Scholarship Recipients

2018 Chilimania Scholarship recipients

2018 Chilimania Scholarship recipients

Chilimania gives back to the community

Chilimania’s mission is to promote the Edgerton business community, social responsibility, and to raise funds to support the education of our youth. Each spring, proceeds from the previous year’s festival fund scholarships to graduating Edgerton High School seniors.

Over the years, the number of awards and the amount of each have both increased as the festival has grown. In 2018, Chilimania awarded seven scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each. We also made donations to a wide variety of community-based organizations and projects. Thanks to everyone who supports Chilimania for helping us help the community!

Below is a list of past scholarship recipients. Data from some years may be incomplete or unavailable.


2018Alondra Rosales
2018Elizabeth Fish
2018Jessica Danks
2018Sidney Zimmermann
2018Karina Camper
2018Shaylee Kamarainen
2018Rebecca Reeves
2017Caitlynn Lemke
2017Annabelle Langer
2017Kathleen Reilly
2017Lauren Olson
2017Jackson Erickson
2017Kenedi Kruckenberg
2016Brandon Schneeberger
2016Weston Nelson
2016Anna Farrington
2016Tom Kalhagen
2016Monica Radtke
2016Sarah Franke
2016Makayla Kellner
2015Molly Prater
2015Sam Reilly
2015Kaleb Kruckenberg
2015Danielle Nelson
2015Erica Richardson
2015Danielle Erb
2014Andrew Hanewall
2014Teagan Larson
2014Brittany Schmidt
2014Forrest Grauvogl
2013Autumn Forss
2013Cassandra Devries
2013Samantha Gander
2013Rudy Mogden
2010Anna Jensen
2010Brittney Amacher
2010Broden VanDeventer
2009Mary Ellen Murphy
2009Kacie Kransberger
2009Melissa Green
2007Dustin Helgestad
2007Alexis VenDeventer
2007Megan Pakes
2006Ashley Porter
2006MaKenzie Ebsen
2005Jerome Robinson
2004Jessica Danielson
2004Michael Rinker
2002Brandy Thompson
1999Tim Houfe
1998Tracy Jordan
1997Paul Miller