CASI Showmanship Judging

September 7, 2019    Noon  -  1PM
Chilimania Grounds

All chili cooks who also are participating in the CASI Showmanship category should be at their booths and ready to be judged between noon and 1PM. CASI Showmanship judges will be going from booth to booth, viewing decorations, themes, and skits, and taking notes before casting their ballots. All Chilimania attendees are welcome to watch the judging take place, but must not interfere with performances.

Official CASI Guidelines for Showmanship

Welcome to the world of chili and the fun of showmanship competition! These guidelines are designed to provide
helpful hints as you compete in show.

What to bring

  1. Basic equipment for chili cooking. At least one member of each showmanship team must enter the chili cook-off competition.
  2. Sign(s) identifying your chili team name.
  3. Chili booth, decorations, props, costumes, battery-powered amplifier, musical instruments, giveaways, and any other equipment to be used in show.

Showmanship Judging Criteria

Showmanship like chili must be in good taste and is judged on the following five criteria:

  1. THEME – The show subject, topic, or context should be original.
  2. COSTUME – Show costumes should promote the show theme.
  3. BOOTH SET-UP – The show booth should promote the show theme.
  4. ACTION – Show should be action-oriented.
  5. AUDIENCE APPEAL – Show should be entertaining to the audience.

Basic Showmanship Rules

There will be no outside activity or entertainment that interferes with showmanship during the show period.

Showmanship teams:

  1. Must enter the chili cook-off competition.
  2. Must enter all cook-offs in any one chili year under the same name and address to receive all showmanship points.
  3. Must be limited so as not to interfere with other contestants.
  4. Cannot use nudity and lewdness in their shows.
  5. Cannot use firearms, explosives, or pyrotechnics in their shows.
  6. May use battery-powered amplification with limited volume so as not to interfere with other contestants.
  7. Will be judged both at their cook sites and while traveling around the cook-off, if applicable, during the judging period.
  8. Must display “rodeo style” number in highly visible locations.

NOTE: Contestants who fail to comply with these rules will be disqualified from the competition for that cook-off.

Session Category :  Chili Cook-off  Chilimania